Working to hard
Most of us enjoy that satisfaction from slightly sore muscles the next day thanks to delayed onset muscle soreness. However sometimes when we focus on high-intensity workouts it can lead to muscular problems. It’s better to work slower so you can focus on where you feel the movement ensuring that it is in the right places, then to pay for it after the workout.

Not getting enough sleep
When we sleep our body releases growth hormones growth hormones are our bodies anti-aging hormones that repair muscles and tissue. Without catching 6-8 hours we reduce our bodies ability to produce Growth hormones. The good news about Growth hormone is that is increased during exercise.

Concentrating on a single body area
It can be easy to want to focus on just your problem area, however, in doing so you risk injury through overtraining and creating muscle imbalances. These imbalances lead to reduced balance, postural misalignment and muscular aches and pains.

Just trying to get the exercise done
If you are just focused on getting the exercise done and not on your form during the exercise chances are you not going to get the result you are after, whilst also increasing your risk of injury. Trying to tune into your body to ensure that the right muscles are firing is the best way to make sure you get the maximum benefit.

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