The top 10 benefits Wellness programs provide

1. Employees who exercise regularly are more productive and have better mental clarity, this often means they are able to generate innovative ideas.

2. Lower stress, leads to better cognitive performance. Employes that are not stressed are able to problem solve with greater efficiency and see difficult situations as challenge rather than stressful.

3. Promotion of health eating, diets devoid of refined foods (flours, sugars, etc.) + regular exercise = healthier employees, which results in fewer sick days, and less lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and heart attack.

4. Fewer medical/compensation claims, due to employees taking fewer medications, needing fewer hospital visits/physically healthier employees.

5. Healthier employees means paying less on insurance, plain and simple this means a healthier bottom line.

6. Full-spectrum support (from C-level all the way to front line) encourages participation, which means wide spread change with the positive effects  felt across the organization.

7. Promote wellbeing for the individual and workplace. Such programs can promote further health changes to encourage healthier living.

8. Develops a culture, such culture enables employees to feel cared about, whilst also providing opportunity for the organisation to be viewed as an employer of choice.

9. More motivated employees, through engagement in wellness programs employees are more motivated to perform their job roles and extrinsic motivators like money become less of a concern.

10. Provides for teamwork, working together to achieve health goals promotes better relationships and promotes communication across team and departments.

Wellness Programs