Time to raise the barre with ballet body


Time to raise the barre with ballet body…

So by now you would have heard about barre workouts, as they have taken over the fitness world. Whilst this workout has developed from dance, you don’t have to be a dancer to be able to get involved in a ballet body class.

Ballet body classes use many of the same principals of Pilates, including core strength and alignment, so you can still expect to experience the burn.
The thought of the deep burn might scare you, however before you know it the burn is over, and you are able to indulge in some amazing stretches that help restore balance to your body.

An added bonus to barre classes is the introduction of ballet movement to exercises helps to increase your coordination.

Like Pilates, ballet body classes are all about training and isolating muscles to support the development of strong and lean muscles.

Although ballet body classes are low impact, they still help burn calories, as you recruit and work the larger muscles in our body such as biceps and glutes, that require energy. A typical 45-minute class can burn anywhere from 250-550 calories.

The use of the bar helps to increase the intensity of the stretch. This supports with increasing the intensity of the stretch.

At the end of the class, you will be gracefully floating out of the studio.