Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional on the tour Pilates can help you improve your golf game. Pilates has long been used by professional athletes to support with their on-field performance and golf with its twisting on a drive or bending down to place a ball on a tee is no exception. The game of Golf also requires repetition of the same essential movements, which over time can lead to injury and muscle imbalance. Golf also requires movements that we do not functionally practice outside of the green such as rotation and therefore our bodies can need a little bit of help to achieve the perfect swing.

Here are some of the top reasons why Pilates is great for golf.

Dynamic stabilization
This means that you can create stability in your body during movement. This means that you are able to create both greater strength and control in your body during swings.
Improving your accuracy can

Pilates helps you build endurance in your body through training and isolating specific muscles you increasing your capacity and strength in your body to withstand longer periods than before

Postural alignment
Pilates focuses on correcting postural imbalances by realigning the body. This improves your golf game as it allows you to move with greater ease and efficiency of movement.

Rotational movement
A big part of golf is being able to have a great swing. This requires great rotational movement which we often, unfortunately, lose due to our sedentary lifestyles. Pilates exercises focus on movement in all planes which encourage rotation through the thoracic and cervical spine.