Secrets of fit people

Secrets of fit people

So you may think that some people are just blessed with the exercise gene, however, this really couldn’t be further from the truth. What is true however is the level of understanding fit people have around the importance of exercise to their health and overall emotional well-being. So what is

Burn baby burn

  Overdone it during the festive season? You certainly aren’t alone. It’s certainly very easy to let all of the discipline you have built up over the year disappear when there is so much fun to be had. To help get you back on track here are some of our

Food for thought

DID YOU KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT YOUR FOOD CAN AFFECT HOW YOU METABOLISE YOUR FOOD. What is your relationship with food? Have you ever asked yourself? Have you ever thought about it? What thoughts run through your head when you are about to take a bite of

How to get a celebrity body

Why do Hollywood superstars Kate Hudson, Megan Fox, Mandy Moore, Reece Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Liv Tyler swear by Pilates? Because as a workout, Pilates challenges your core and every other muscle in your body, which improves your posture and overall appearance. An improved posture makes you look slimmer, and