Burn baby burn

  Overdone it during the festive season? You certainly aren’t alone. It’s certainly very easy to let all of the discipline you have built up over the year disappear when there is so much fun to be had. To help get you back on track here are some of our

Benefits of using a foam roller

So by now if you are a Pilates regular you may be familiar with the foam roller. This innocent looking object seems to be easy enough to use and looks far less terrifying then some Pilates studio equipment, however assumptions that using a foam roller will be easy are very

How to get a celebrity body

Why do Hollywood superstars Kate Hudson, Megan Fox, Mandy Moore, Reece Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Liv Tyler swear by Pilates? Because as a workout, Pilates challenges your core and every other muscle in your body, which improves your posture and overall appearance. An improved posture makes you look slimmer, and

Well being in 2015

Well being in 2015

Still pondering your New Years Resolutions and need some help? Then read on, to discover our top well-being habits you want to start and keep in 2015. We all know that the start of the New Year brings with it much excitement and ambition to plan and start new goals,