The answer depends on how you measure strength, our muscles come in all sizes and shapes but their job is to exert force in order to move objects.

The definition of muscle strength depends on how you define it whether it be an absolute strength, the total amount of force exerted. Dynamic strength the ability to generate force quickly and repeatedly and finally strength and endurance the ability to withstand fatigue and continue to generate force over time.

So here are our top 3 picks!

The heart consists of cardiac muscle, is said to be the hardest working muscle in the body. The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute 100,000 times a day and 2.5 billion times during a 70-year span.This muscle has some of the greatest dynamic strength and endurance.
The best exercise for heart health includes any cardiovascular exercise that supports you to decrease your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Pilates exercises like jumpboard, supine abdominals and planks support good cardiovascular health.
Gluteus Maximus
The Glute max is not only one of the strongest muscles it is one of the largest. The glutes main function is to support with hip extension a movement we perform when we run, walk jump or climb stairs. It also helps to keep the body in an upright position
The best exercise for glutes are Pilates moves like clams, bridiging and scooter exercises.

This is one of the calf muscles that enable us to keep upright when standing against gravity. It is capable of producing both explosive strength during movement and is said to be the muscle that can pull with the greatest force. The best exercises including calf raises and walking on the trap table and reformer pile squats on the reformer are also another way to feel that burn.

See you in the studio soon.