Is stress the cause of your back pain?
More often then not we attribute back pain to some sort of occupational hazard, and whilst movement can contribute to a back pain, sometimes there is a much lesser known cause, stress.

But how can stress actually create these physical pain symptoms in the body?

According to John Sarno, MD, professor of clinical rehabilitation medicine at New York University, emotional issues that trigger tension in the body can cause low back pain.

The reason being is that our adrenals are fatigued, the nerves that supply these glands become affected, and some of these nerves also supply your lower back and sacroiliac joint.

Ultimately tension on the body deprives our nerves and muscles of oxygen. However, relief comes through understanding this link, and by learning how to avoid prolonged stress.

We are all equipped to deal with a certain amount of stress in our lives, however, when we constantly feel stressed or tense and our nervous system is on edge, we can find that we are overwhelmed by the tiniest of the hiccup in your day.

So how can we control our stress to ensure that we are able to manage our back pain?

1) Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is a great stress reliever for many reasons. Whether it’s to help get your heart pumping and blood flow back into your muscles or to help boost your feel-good chemicals.

2) Breathing:

Breathing is a simple yet effective way that we can decrease stress in our bodies. Breathing slowly and deeply can help to bring our nervous system back into balance. So take a few slow deep inhales, hold and then release.

3) Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation brings your awareness to the present moment. In doing so, it allows you to identify any feelings of tension that you may be experiencing. Through identifying stress, you can begin to release it. Try a simple tense and release meditation exercise starting with your feet and working towards your head.

4) Socialising:

This one may be a no-brainer, but friends also can help reduce our stress levels. Research has shown that social relations help us recover better from a serious illness. Some research suggests having friends not only provides us with social support but also allows us to release oxytocin (Relaxing hormone).

5) Laughter:

Laughter is one of the easiest and quickest ways to relieve stress. A good hearty laugh can relieve stress and relax your body for up to 45 minutes. It also helps decrease stress hormones and increases your immune system, so get to that chuckle.

So no excuses time to find your inner zen and bust that stress.


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