New years res


We all know with every New year, comes New years resolutions. For the most part these goals generally relate to how we want to improve our lives in some way shape or form.

I know for me, mine often relate to how I can improve my health. When I think about my idea of health,  exercise is seen to be a huge part of that. It is easy enough to start  an exercise program but continuing it is not always easy, even for the most motivated person.

So how can you stay on track?


Choose something you enjoy

It sounds simple but people often think that because you are doing something healthy that it is required to be unpleasant in order for you to get any health benefit, this is not true.

No –one wants to spend their time doing things that they do not enjoy, especially when time is such a precious commodity. Therefore it is important to find something that you look forward to. This could be something as simple as going for a walk with a friend to catch up on the week’s gossip


Make it a habit

Something often not thought about, but when you start to make excuses for why you are going to miss your planned workouts then it will become easier and easier to miss more. I don’t miss a workout because rain or hail, when my alarm goes off I know that I am hard wired to get up and go to the gym. We all know habits don’t form over night but research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a real habit, so stick at it.


Select a work out time that does not interfere with other commitments

We all lead busy lives and finding time is often a difficult task. It is important however to limit feeling guilty about needing to be somewhere else, and take the time for you. I choose to exercise first thing in the morning before work. This helps me prepare for the day, it also means I am less likely to miss a workout because I have another commitment.

For others mornings may not work, but lunch may provide the best opportunity. Work with what works for you and you will reap the benefits.

Work out with friends

There is nothing more I love than spending time outdoors with friends feeling the benefit of a long walk or fun run. When I exercise with friends the time certainly seems to disappear and I end up laughing so much that my endorphin boost is tripled.

Who doesn’t want to have a positive impact on your their friends health and increase motivation for exercise?


Don’t give up

We all have off days or days when everything we planned, well quite go to plan. It’s important to accept this as a normal part of life, to not beat yourself up and to rise again to the challenge of achieving your New years resolution. We are all allowed time off to rest and recharge, just as long as we remember this time should be limited to 2 weeks otherwise it’s not a break its now a way of life.



Hopefully these strategies help you achieve your fitness goal for 2014.

New Year