Smile, why? Because it has health benefits

When was the last time you smiled?


We all know that people who smile seem more approachable and more attractive than those who don’t.

A smile transcends cultures and is the universal symbol of friendliness and the conveyor of happiness.

But did you also know there are actually  also health benefits that accompany a smile?

So what makes a smile so good for us?

Scientists have documented that a physical release happens when your facial muscles are moved.

Through research they found that smiling releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These chemicals are referred to as our happy/ feel good chemicals, and are responsible for feelings of happiness.

It seems so easy that we can improve our physiological and psychological state by our facial expressions.

So next time you are feeling down smile for a minute or two notice the changes you feel, if nothing else guaranteed you would have spread some joy to others.

Isn’t it just amazing how something so simple as the upward turning of the lips, can universally convey a sense of warmth, acceptance and interest.

Equally as amazing is how absolutely infectious a smile is, “Smile and the whole world smiles with you”.

Have you ever tried to stay angry with someone whilst smiling? It’s impossible!


So get smiling 🙂

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