Pilates detox- Why Pilates is a detox’s best friend

Considering a detox for your body? Then you need to consider Pilates as an important tool to support your body’s detoxification process.

When you use the Pilates method, an effect occurs through the body that can be likened to an internal spring clean for the body. This effect occurs when exercises are performed rhythmically with deep and full breaths. Through Pilates exercises focus is maintained on the coordination of the mind and the body. Joseph Pilates referred to the synchronisation of body and mind along with awareness of deep and full breath as an internal shower for the body. The reason is that through this breath every cell can of the body can be rejuvenated through the presence of oxygen rich blood. The focus on controlled and precise movement also ensures that no energy is wasted.

Throughout a detox, the body is working hard to remove the accumulation of toxins present. The exercises performed in the Pilates repertoire support this as they work the body uniformly to reduce fatigue.

Obviously, our diet also plays a pivotal role in the bodies detoxification process, so thinking about clean eating and hydration are essential. Sticking to organic and unprocessed foods with no sugar, alcohol and caffeine will help support the body. It is important to also drink filtered water from glass bottles to ensure that chemicals do not leach into the water and slow down your detoxification process.

We should also consider the impact our lifestyles have on both our muscular and mental fatigue. These components are equal as important to a person’s overall health, and necessary to consider if you are serious about a detox.

Some more reasons why Pilates is your ultimate detox exercise.

Reduces mental Fatigue

Pilates allows you to stay in the present moment and switch off the hundred other thoughts that pop into your brain. In doing this you create a calm and relaxed state in which you allow your brain to rest and recharge supporting a detox. As we know a true detox should look at supporting both the body and the mind.


Get your blood pumping

Getting your blood pumping is not only essential for cardiovascular health, it also improves our circulation and the efficiency of the other systems of the body.

The lymphatic system is one of those systems, it is the primary means by which our lymph circulates. Lymphatic system function is improved through muscular contraction and deep breathing present during Pilates exercises.

The lymphatic system predominantly helps support detoxification by clearing virus and infection and draining fluid from the body. The Lymphatic system can sometimes be overlooked in terms of its importance in supporting the body’s detoxification, but Pilates improves its efficiency.

Breathe deeply

Breathing fully and deeply provides for adequate oxygenation of the blood, this helps to further support the removal of toxins. Pilates breathing is central to all exercises. It was the belief of Joseph Pilates that breathing deeply and fully was essential for improvements in one’s health.

Reduce Fatigue

In working the body uniformly you also prevent the unnecessary fatigue and build-up of toxins in a certain muscle group. As you continue to breathe through all exercises lactic acid a waste product developed during use of the anaerobic system which is utilised when oxygen-rich blood is not present. In traditional Pilates exercises are performed with a reduced number of repetitions and the use of full breath, this prevents fatigue in the body and eliminates the unnecessary build-up of toxins.

Tips for supporting your detox.

  • Try for inverted positions any time your head is below your heart you will allow you to sweat more
  • Rolling exercises massage your internal organs, which support the detoxification process
  • Use deep full breathes to clean out the body
  • Don’t skip classes, be consistent with you practice
  • Increase the precision of the movement
  • Slow it down
  • Don’t continue to the point of fatigue

See you in the studio soon.

Love the PWA team Xx