Think Pilates is just for girls? Think again!

Think Pilates is just for girls? Well then you are very wrong!

Whilst most Pilates classes today are about a 70/30 split of female to male. Males still remain largely under represented in Pilates classes due to the misconception that Pilates is jut for girls, or that you require a certain amount of flexibility to do Pilates.

Pilates was originally used to help rehabilitate soldiers during the war, through the use of specific stretching, and spring based resistance. From there Pilates became the it thing in the New York dance community in the mid 20’s, and in more recent times has been portrayed as the means behind supermodel physiques.


HOWEVER, The SAS, Britain’s elite commando, MALE ONLY brigade, are now using Pilates as part of their training regime.

To become part of the SAS is no walk park. SAS recruits are put through a 5-month recruitment period  that involves some of the toughest physical and psychological challenges known to man. It is specifically designed to break you.

Due to this rigours selection process and punishing activities, the approximately 90% of all recruits drop out.


Based on these screening process, it is fair to say that any SAS commando is one tough cookie. Similarity,  any training selected to support SAS commando’s would be aim to challenge and to improve upon their existing physical and psychological strength.

Whilst life may not be quite as tough for any of us, the inclusion of Pilates as a choice exercise highlights the importance that Pilates plays in maintaining peak physical performance, which is an important factor to creating wellbeing.

So why is Pilates such a great work out?

Pilates supports the body by providing functional movement. It educates us on correct movement, and allows us to breakdown faulty movement patterns that create inefficiencies in our bodies.

It is these inefficiencies and postural abnormalities that can often lead to muscle strain and injuries.

Pilates also strengthens our mind body connection, providing us with greater awareness of where our body is moving in space, and how much force we are exerting. Pilates enables us to fine tune our awareness so that no energy is wasted through movement.

Pilates increases our mental alertness, by increasing concentration during exercise. This focus provides us with an opportunity to increase our attention spans, which leads to greater focus in our daily lives.

So what are you waiting for?

Get to it!