How Pilates can change your life…

We so often become accustomed to accepting things in our bodies which are outside of the norm, like that constant niggle in your lower back that won’t go away, or that pain in you hip that makes it difficult to sit for long periods.

Here’s how Pilates can help you eliminate all these annoying niggles, strengthen your body, and help you achieve a strong mind- body connection.


Pilates makes you move with greater ease.

Regular practice of Pilates helps you to realign your body. This means that less tension and stress is placed on your muscle and joints, allowing your body to move freely. You may experience this as less tension in your neck when you are sitting at your desk, or you may find it easier to reach your arms over your head, or you may be able to finally reach your toes.


Pilates creates awareness in your body

By tuning into your movements during Pilates classes, you develop greater awareness of your bodies movement patterns during your day-to-day life. You become conscious of how you are sitting during that meeting or at the dinner table. Or even how you are carrying your shopping or standing during a conversation. You will start to look taller when you sit and stand.


Pilates strengthens your core

Strengthening your deep core muscles helps you eliminate back pain niggles. The focus for your deep core is on the activation of the pelvic floor and transverse abdominals. Strengthening these provides support to your lower back and reduces pressure on your discs, as these slings and musculature work in synergy to support your lumbar spine. This is the major weight bearing portion of our spine.


Pilates helps you strengthen your mind

It is all too easy to get caught up in the drama of our lives that we spend so much time thinking, and possibly over thinking things. Pilates exercises provide a balance between the body and the mind through creating an internal focus on your body during movements. This shifts the focus away from racing thoughts and allows you to calm your mind through a focus on the present,


Pilates makes you feel great

Like all exercise, Pilates supports the release of endorphins our feel good or happy chemicals. This allows us to feel relaxed and happy. Pilates supports movement into areas of our body that are tight, allowing you to release unnecessary tension and strain. After a Pilates session, you will feel like you are almost floating on a cloud.


So what are you waiting for? Time to get to it.

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