How can Myotherapy help your body

Have you heard of Myotherapy before? No it’s not the latest facial therapy… It’s a revolutionary form of healing massage.  

We consulted Myotherapist Maya Clark of Melbourne Myotherapy in Richmond, to find out more about this form of treatment, and how it can promote health and wellbeing.

So what is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy it is a form of physical therapy that helps to prevent, manage and rehabilitate musculoskeletal problems.

What can Myotherapy be used for?

Myotherapists can be used to help treat issues such as:

  • Stress related pain
  • General muscular tension
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sports related injuries
  • Poor posture and inflexibility
  • Arthritic pain

What are the different techniques that are used?

There are a quite a few, and we focus on the following.

  • Trigger point therapy: This technique is incorporated into the deep tissue massage and is applied this to particularly stubborn areas in a muscle.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This is the main technique used to break up adhesions and tight spots, called trigger points, within a muscle by increasing blood flow to that area.
  • Dry needle therapy: Used when trigger points in a muscle are too tight to be released just by massage. Again dry needling is used to increase blood flow but in a targeted area. Maya will insert the tiny needle directly into the trigger point and leave it sitting there for a short amount of time to break up any debris and flush out the specific area with the increased blood flow.
  • Stretching: Is a technique to increase flexibility and range of motion within a muscle.
  • Positional release technique: This is used to further release a tight muscle. Maya will use this technique to improve movement and flexibility within a muscle, particularly if the muscle is very stubborn and isn’t responding to massage or laser therapy.
  • Myofascial release technique: This is an extra modality  used when your muscles are tight, the fibre, called fascia, that holds your muscles in position may also be tight.
  • Joint Mobilisation: Another technique used in conjunction with massage. Joint mobilisation is intended to help create more movement in joints after the massage has relaxed the muscles. This may cause some minor popping in the joint but is very different to joint manipulation that osteopaths and chiropractors.
  • Lymphatic drainage: This technique is not done in conjunction with massage and requires a separate appointment. It is light massage which is performed to flush out and drain any excess fluid that is being retained around the body.
  • Pregnancy Massage: After the 1st Trimester this is a specially designed massage that Maya can perform on women throughout their pregnancy. It is designed to help relieve their pain and discomforts that come with the body changes that occur due to pregnancy

At Melbourne Myotherapy they also use ground breaking new technology called MLS laser therapy.

MLS laser therapy technology is the most advanced laser therapy system on the market.  It   supports with reduced clinical response times, and therefore overall treatment times. This really is the key point of difference that distinguishes MLS laser therapy from traditional laser therapy.

Other key benefits of MLS laser therapy include:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effect
  2. Analgesic Effect
  3. Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
  4. Improved Vascular Activity
  5. Increases Metabolic Activity
  6. Stimulation of Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points
  7. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
  8. Improved Nerve Function
  9. Immunoregulation
  10. Faster Wound Healing


Myotherapy, like any type of treatment responds differently on individuals.

It is excellent for flushing the body of toxins from the increase in blood flow and very good at decreasing inflammation for that reason too. Massage is great for pain relief and relaxing tight muscles caused by stress, physical activity and everyday activities.

Maya Clarke is a qualified Myotherapist practising at Melbourne Myotherapy located  1/191 Lennox St, Richmond, Victoria.