As we become more aware of the dangers of sitting for too long, our mindset tends to shift the focus of how do we counteract this problem, particularly if our work and lifestyle demands require us to sit in one place for a long period of time.

We might start to notice the obvious tight neck or lower back pain from prolonged sitting, but we often do not realise is that prolonged sitting changes the entire shape of our body.

Believe me, I know about this having chronic upper limb pathology due to thoracic immobility caused by too much sitting.

Our thoracic immobility creates a head forward and rounded shoulders posture that makes it difficult to breathe and creates neck and shoulder tension.
It tightens are hip flexors, which creates and anterior or forward tilt of the pelvis. This makes it impossible for us to achieve hip extension and even more difficult to get the back posterior chain of the glutes and hamstrings working.

Sitting for long periods also decreases our ankle dorsiflexion. Don’t, believe me, try to do a squat and keep your ankles on the floor.

Here are our favourite ways to get bendy after long periods sitting

1. Make sure you get up every hour and walk around this allows your hip flexors to lengthen and supports your blood pressure returning to normal levels.

2. Adjust your posture frequently, ever tried to sit on the floor for a prolonged period of time? Impossible right, as it is hard to find a comfortable position.
This is, however, the best thing for our body to constantly continue to adjust our posture.

3. Hold a stretch and breath into it for 3 minutes. Yes, 3 minutes is required to support with the break down the fascia to support with the facial release.

4. Squat it out, this is a great way to release into those tight hips and helps to improve your ankle range of movement. In this movement, the thighs turn out and focus on the shins turning in.