Herbal tea health benefits with Kate Dalton -Mayde tea


There is nothing nicer on a cold winters day than sipping on a warm cup of herbal tea. But what makes it so good for you? We spoke to Mayde tea founder Kate Dalton to find out why herbal tea is so good for you and what led her to start Mayde tea.

How do herbal teas support our bodies?
In so many ways! There are chemicals in plants called phytochemical that have an effect on different parts of the body. For example Chamomile contains a phytochemical that has the action of a ‘carminative’ which helps to prevent the formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract. others help with healing mucous membranes, and others calming the nervous system to induce peaceful sleep.

What is your favourite tea?
At the moment my favourite is the rooibos turmeric chai. Containing ginger, turmeric, pepper and cardamon; these herbs all have warming properties so is perfect for the cooler months.

Do you have a tea ritual?
I do, but it always changes! At the moment I’m sipping on digest throughout the day, and having rooibos turmeric chai before bed. I’ve always had an Earl Grey in the morning.

Why did you start Mayde tea?
When I started studying Naturopathy many years ago I absolutely fell in love with herbal medicine! When I started studying I was actually only doing the nutrition degree, and as soon as I started discovering and experimenting the magic that was herbal medicine, I added a naturopathy degree so I could practice as a naturopath and dispense herbal medicines. I was using herbal medicines at the time to help many of my own ailments like anxiety and digestive issues- and I got such wonderful results. I wanted to be able to share this with people, as soon as I could so I figured that organic medicinal teas would be the most gentle and effective way to utilize natures resources and share it as freely as possible! I actually didn’t really plan on starting a business, it just happened after people were asking to buy the herbal mixes I had made for myself. I’m so glad it started out the way it did, being driven by peoples’ positive health results rather than anything financially influenced.

How many cups of tea should you have in a day?
This depends on a few things including the caffeine and tannin content. It also depends on the person, we are all so very different and might be more sensitive to some things than others. herbal teas without caffeine though, I don’t think theres a such thing as too much, they’re so therapeutic.

What else outside of drinking herbal tea do you focus on to create a healthier life?
I think the main things I do are making sure I take breaks time out for myself, to spend time in nature, to eat healthily and slowly, and surround myself with people and things that contribute and influence me to a happy and healthy life.

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