healthy is the new black2 Being healthier has never been hotter than right now, and with good reason. As lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity remain on the increase, a new revolution that focuses on the prevention of such diseases is launching- welcome “Health is the new black” As a society we are recognising now, more than ever, that we want good health, more energy, vitality and strength and that our current fast paced lifestyle choices are doing nothing to support this need. So how do we embrace health as the new black? By making better food choices, lifestyle choices, and exercise choices. By choosing organic healthy foods over genetically modified and overly processed ones, and by replacing soft drink for water. By drinking more water you automatically start a detoxification process in your body and increase you alertness. Now more than ever, we are realising that our fast paced lives of 24/7 are draining us. Slowing down and taking time to rest is fast becoming best practice to help us unwind. Meditation is another great way to help recharge your batteries. Studies conducted by Harvard Medical school have shown that regular meditation has a proven effect at reducing your stress levels, improving your attention and memory recall, and helps to prevent anxiety and depression. Meditation is not just limited to the brain. It is seen to have flow on effects to the rest of the body such as decreasing the heart rate and encouraging a reduction in muscle tension. Aside from preventing the bad things in our life, healthy is hot and being fit is sexy. Fit people are happier, smile more and are generally more optimistic about life. What’s not to like with that? health Along with fit and active bodies comes more muscle tone and definition. Clothes fit better, muscles burn more calories, and we have more energy and stamina to get us through the day. Exercise also boosts our feel good chemicals in the brain, helping us feel more optimistic. So how can you jump on board with a trend that has the power to improve your life? You need to learn that improving your health is not a quick fix. It requires dedication and conscious repeated effort, just like learning any new skill. This skill however could save your life. When you start making changes to you lifestyle, make sure you appreciate the small changes that occur. Creating a healthier life takes time and you can’t expect to undo a lifetime of poor choices in one week, so be patient and keep plugging away. Over time you will see the power that being healthy has on your body, and why it is now considered the new black!

Love the PWA team Xx