2 + 4 =Wellness. Well it’s almost as easy as this…. Almost. When we think about wellbeing, we are considering a holistic approach to our health, which is not merely the absence of illness. The concept of wellbeing needs to consider not only our physical health, but also our psychological wellbeing. We may have an illness, however have a greater sense of wellness due to this holistic approach.

The following six steps outline how easy it is to develop our own personal wellbeing.

P: Positive emotions

For every one negative emotion we experience we need three positive thoughts to counter balance. Why? Because negative emotions stick. So start your day by expressing gratitude for something wonderful in your life it can be as simple as saying  “I’m grateful for having a good nights sleep”.


E: Engagement

I am talking about interacting with people on a day-to-day basis and really giving them your time. Listening to people when they talk to you,  and really hearing what they are saying. Enjoying breakfast with your friend without updating your status or checking your email 10 times, something we can all be guilty of. By listening and being present in the moment, it helps us to avoid becoming anxious or depressed. How you may wonder? By being present we prevent ourselves from reflecting on the past and stop ourselves from worrying about the future.


R: Relationships

Building strong positive relationships with people is a basic human need, often referred to as social connectedness. Being needed by another human being allows us to feel important as it makes us feel valued and like we belong. The important thing to remember about relationships is that they require open and honest communication. We also need to remember that not all relationships are positive for us.  It is important to identify the ones that are and to leave the ones that don’t add value to our lives.


M: Meaning

We all need to be able to find meaning in our lives. For many of us it’s through our jobs, or for some of us its found through following our passions. By creating meaning we not only provide ourselves with a source of motivation we create a sense of purpose. If you look hard enough you can find meaning and purpose in almost anything. The greatest of this can be found when we give to others.




Goal setting no matter how big or small, creates a certain level of achievement. When we achieve tasks we feel successful. This encourages us to continue to challenge ourselves, providing  further growth. The harder the task the greater the sense of satisfaction you will receive. Planning to achieve is one of the most important things to remember  though, as goals often require considerable effort.


P: Physical wellness

Exercise plays a huge role in creating wellness from both a physiological and a psychological perspective. Exercise improves immunity, increases  bone strength, helps us burn calories and slows down our bodies ageing process.  What more of a reason could you need to start exercising? So aim to get up and do something each day, no matter how big or small it will provide a start to improving your wellbeing.