What is your relationship with food?
Have you ever asked yourself?
Have you ever thought about it?
What thoughts run through your head when you are about to take a bite of a piece of cake?
Did you know that your thoughts about food will affect how you digest and metabolise your food?
Many people feel guilty when they eat what’s perceived as “bad” foods.
These toxic thoughts are actually not helping you lose weight.
You see when you think these toxic thoughts you are creating a stressed chemistry in your body and putting your body into a physiologic stress response.
The definition of stress is any real or imagined threat.
In this case, when you are telling yourself you are going to get fat if you eat that piece of cake or telling yourself you really shouldn’t be eating it is sending messages to your body of stress.
The physiologic stress response goes back to the times when the biggest stress to man was being eaten by a sabre tooth tiger.
When we think we are going to be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger who is chasing us our body responds in a certain way.
Our clever bodies create excess insulin and cortisol which inhibits our metabolism and digestion and signals to our body to store weight and store fat and not build muscle.
If you were being chased by a sabre tooth tiger, do you think you would need to lose weight, fat or build any muscle? NO, you would just need to run and fast!
You would need to hold onto your fat so you could use it for energy to run away.
So our bodies which were clever in the times of a tiger chasing you doesn’t work for us now but that’s how our bodies are programmed and we can’t change that.
What we can change is how we think about the food we are eating and focus on the enjoyment and pleasure and nourishment you feel from eating food. Of course, we still need to be sensible about our food choices and stick to as much real and non-processed foods in our diet.

That is what will help us manage our health and what will help us on the path to a good relationship with food and body.
So say goodbye to food guilt now as FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY, IT CAN BE YOUR FRIEND so say hello to happiness and pleasure with food. Your body will love you for it!

About the author Rochelle Gance


Rochelle Gance is a Holistic Personal Trainer and
Eating Psychology Coach
After 15 years working in the corporate world, Rochelle followed her passion for health, fitness and wellbeing to become a Personal Trainer and an Eating Psychology Coach.
She founded Strength within to help her clients build strength inside and out.
Rochelle works with clients to achieve results that are in true alignment with all the dimensions of who we are – body, mind, heart and soul.
Her coaching programs are tailored to your unique body and lifestyle providing support and practical solutions that will transform your thinking and behaviour.


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