Exercise and healthy living with Bianca Cheah

There are lots of misconceptions about eating dairy and good fats like avocado in Australia and that has led to a National health crisis. We are now seeing a rise in lifestyle-related diseases that is the result of eating low fat and high sugar.
What we now understand to be true is that inflammation in the body is the true cause of lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

We interviewed Bianca Cheah, ambassador for Dairy Australia’s Legendairy campaign to find out how she manages to find balance with food including dairy with her hectic lifestyle.

What does your weekly exercise routine look like?
I mix it up with my own yoga practice at home and attending a few classes per week at Flow Athletic in Paddington. The practice will usually consist of advanced Vinyasa, Warrior Yoga with weights and Relax classes that aim to destress and wind me down.

As you live an active lifestyle what do you eat to keep up your energy?
I’m quite strict on keeping a balanced and wholesome diet. So I’ll always incorporate loads of dairy, good carbohydrates, greens (although I hate the taste of broccoli haha), fruit, protein and legumes.

What foods do you avoid?
Because I have sensitive bowels I steer clear of high fatty foods.

What foods do you include in your diet?
Lots of dairy (lactose-free milk, yoghurts, and cheese), lean proteins, nuts, quinoa, chicken, and I love Spanish onion and tuna.

What do you do to destress?
Believe it or not, cooking, cleaning and Yoga de-stress me.

What is the one health and wellbeing secret you live by that you would like to share?
Eat your greens and dairy!

Bianca Cheah is an ambassador for Dairy Australia’s Legendairy campaign. Dairy Australia, under its Legendairy umbrella, is focussed on educating Australians in 2016 around the importance of dairy foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt being irreplaceable in our diets and help debunk the many misconceptions about dairy foods being ‘bad’ for us and reinforce the many benefits – health, nutrition and otherwise – of this food group #LegendairyAu and find out more at