Compression garments – The big squeeze



You may already use compression garments because it just feels like the right thing to do. But do you really understand the benefits that compression garments can provide?

Compression clothing has been used as an ergogenic aid for elite sports people for a long time. Scientific evidence shows that during exercise compression garments can improve muscle fibre recruitment. This ultimately leads to greater power and strength during exercise.
It also enhances the removal of lactic acid, which promotes the feeling of heaviness in your limbs during exercise.

There is also the perceived psychological edge it gives the wearer, which can in some sports be crucial to achieving the end goal.

Whilst the benefits of improvements in sporting performance are still being explored, more literature supports the effective use of compression garments in supporting your recovery from strenuous exercise.

Numerous studies have suggested that compression garments support the removal of lactic acid from the muscle following bouts of intense physical exercise. This means that you are able to recover quickly and return to your next work out sooner, which is a win if you are serious about your fitness goals.

The wearing of compression garments can also reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness, which occurs more frequently when you use muscles that aren’t used to frequently.

The benefits far outweigh the downside of the mini workout involved in getting your pants over your ankles.

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