Why do Hollywood superstars Kate Hudson, Megan Fox, Mandy Moore, Reece Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Liv Tyler swear by Pilates?

Because as a workout, Pilates challenges your core and every other muscle in your body, which improves your posture and overall appearance.

An improved posture makes you look slimmer, and helps you radiate confidence, which is just as equally attractive.

A-list stars know that the combination of regular Pilates workouts, and a healthy diet helps promote a body that appears longer, leaner, and is more toned.

Sticking with regular Pilates practice strengthens your abs, which also helps prevents low back pain.

Pilates helps deliver a body that looks great on camera, as its controlled workout methods help provide a much more streamlined appearance.

The use of studio Pilates equipment also supports you move, and work out areas of their body that may often get forgotten about, as opposed to regular gym sessions which often focus on one muscle group.

Our favourite glute exercise that is easy to do anywhere are clams. The key is to focus on keeping your pelvis stacked to isolate into your glutes.


Whilst a chest lift is one of our favourite core exercises, try doing it on a foam roller for an added challenge.

chestlift 2

So if you are looking to tighten up muscles and improve your appearance (And maybe even try out for the next Hollywood blockbuster), Pilates should be your exercise of choice.

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