515262370We have all experienced that ache or sometimes-unbearable stiffness in our body after exercise, this stiffness usually occurs 12-72 hours after a workout. But what causes this muscle soreness after exercise?

During exercise, the soreness or heaviness in our body is the result of lactic acid as we rely on our anaerobic system to support with energy for movement.
However, after exercise the culprit is delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

What is DOMS? Essentially DOMS is microscopic tears in the muscle that occur during strenuous exercise or exercise to muscles that have not been used in a while.
These tears then rebuild during the 12-72 hours post exercise replenishing the muscle.
As the muscle is replenished it becomes more striated. This essentially means that the muscle is more defined and that there is less fat between the skin and the muscle, so you see greater muscle tone and definition.

What if you don’t experience DOMS after every workout? Don’t stress you are still experiencing lots of benefits including posture, range or movement, cardiovascular and mental benefits so no workout is ever wasted.

How to recover from DOMS?
It’s best to keep moving but don’t do another high-intensity workout using the same muscle groups, make sure you switch it up. Gentle exercise like stretching or walking can also help, as can a bath with Epson salts or a massage, our favourite is the foam roller. As these actions, all increase the blood flow to the area supporting with muscle repair.

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