Re-energise your body

As we age our body’s connective tissues being our muscles, tendons, and ligaments start to shorten and tighten and lose their elasticity and suppleness, which in turn impacts movement in our bodies.
Couple this with the effects associated with poor posture, related to our lifestyle and sedentary occupations we face a challenge.

Postures that place us out of our natural postural alignment cause a tightening of our muscles and restrict the blood flow to the area.
This means we start to experience shoulder and back pain and sometimes even headaches.
While this may sound all doom and gloom we do have a huge opportunity to slow this decline and improve not only our posture and movement but our bodies strength and vitality.
To the rescue is stretching. Why? Stretching helps increase the blood flow to the tight areas of our body this action creates a lengthening of the muscles and tendons you are focusing on.

This flexibility can improve everything from your golf game to your running time as you are able to move with greater efficiency.
So despite the damage you’ve done, and no matter your age, flexibility can be regained by stretching regularly.

A change in your body can be seen in a number of weeks and most importantly you will stand taller and feel better.

Our top tips to provide you with a better posture.
Hamstring stretch


Hamstring length is important for your back, hip and knee health. These often get tight from prolonged sitting


Hip Flexor stretch


Important for the range of movement at the hips and to be able to maintain great posture as tight hip flexors can pull your body out of alignment.


Upper and Lower back


Our lower back often bears a lot of abuse from us and therefore stretching to alleviate tightness can really help.



Side stretch

We all too often forget that our body is designed to move in multiple planes, (unless you have a medical condition that restricts your movement in all planes eg osteoporosis) side stretches are fantastic for your body.


Time to get stretching 🙂