ITB-foam-rollingSo by now if you are a Pilates regular you may be familiar with the foam roller. This innocent looking object seems to be easy enough to use and looks far less terrifying then some Pilates studio equipment, however assumptions that using a foam roller will be easy are very wrong.

So why does using a foam roller cause so much pain? Because use of a foam roller assists with a myo-facial release. This basically means that by applying pressure to various points on the body you can help to release tightness in the muscle which supports the recovery of muscles and assists in normal function.

Here are the top four reasons why we love using foam rollers

Help prevent injury
When you workout frequently you are at risk of experiencing tightness of your muscles. Muscle tightness can result from activities that are repetitive in nature. Foam rolling after exercise can reduce the tightness in your muscles provide greater elasticity to your muscles.

Aids with muscle recovery
Using a foam roller support your muscles in recovering from activity as it increases the blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow helps to remove toxins like lactic acid from the area this shortens your recovery time following an intense workout.

Helps you relax
Foam rolling regularly helps remove tension from your body, which in turn makes you feel more relaxed. The process of foam rolling is also thought to support with an endorphin release following the initial experience of pain.

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