Beef Tortillas



800 grams of diced beef (Combination of chuck, and oyster blade works really well for flavour and texture)

500 mls beef stock (Preferably homemade, or high quality organic store bought)

1 onion finely sliced

2 cloves of garlic finely sliced

1-2 carrots

2 sticks of celery

1 jar of high quality tomato pasata 500-700mls

1 can of adobo chili’s and sauce. Chop up chili’s.




Dash of balsamic vinegar



Finely sliced red cabbage

Finely sliced fennel

Julienned apple

Mayonnaise (Optional)

Smoked paprika

Lime / lemon


To serve:


Light Sour cream / crème fresh

Tasty Cheese

Corn tortilla’s (If you can find them), alternatively regular flour ones are fine. If you want to be healthy, you can use lettuce cups here too if you want to watch your waistline.


Meat sauce

  • In a heavy based pot (Le Creuset or similar cast iron are amazing), brown off meat in a little oil. Make sure you really give this some love, as the more time you give the meat here, the more flavour you’ll get at the end. Just be sure not to burn it. If your pot isn’t huge, do this in batches to ensure they brown properly.


  • Remove meat, and leave to rest.


  • Add a little more oil into the pot, and gently sauté onions and garlic until translucent.


  • Add carrot, and celery, and slowly cook until soft.


  • Return meat to the pot.


  • Add stock, and bring to the boil.


  • Add chili’s and adobo sauce


  • Add tomato pasta


  • Season to taste


  • Add spoon of brown sugar, and stir to combine.


  • Place lid on pot, and leave on stove on the lowest possible flame for 4-5 hours until meat falls apart.


  • Use a potato masher to gently shred the meat.


  • Continue to cook on low heat without the lid for about an hour to reduce the liquid. Make sure to keep an eye on it at this stage, as you don’t want all of that lovely flavour to disappear. It should reduce to a thick sauce.
  • The dish can be cooked up to this point and reheated again for later in the week for a quick meal.



Finely slice cabbage, fennel and apple and place in a bowl.

Combine mayonnaise, lime juice, and smoked paprika, and a dash of olive oil and white wine vinegar, and whisk together, and add to the slaw. (You can leave out the mayonnaise as well if you want to watch your calories.)



Combine all ingredients into your tortilla, and enjoy!

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