Only bears should hibernate in winter.

We all know that when it starts to get cold outside, that it is so much harder to find the motivation to exercise even for the most diligent of work out people. What we need to remember is that whilst it might be easier to sit on the couch and watch TV, in the long run, this is only going to lead to a vicious cycle of less energy and decreased motivation.

So before you decide to hibernate this winter, remember the top reasons why exercising during winter is good for you.

Exercising in cold weather is invigorating, whilst the summer heat can sap your energy. Winter weather allows you to able to maintain the greater intensity of effort. You may even reach a new personal best, or master an exercise you have not been able to do before.

Exercise increases your feel good hormones. By continuing to exercise you will help beat those winter blues, whilst you may not be as excited as you are in Summer you will certainly have more pep in your step.


Whilst it is tempting to reach for comfort food during the winter months, this type of food is usually not very good for our waistline. When we are exercising regularly we have greater conscious thought over our food choices.

How can you get back on track when your fitness train has been derailed?

Set a goal, and stick to it.
Whether it be two Pilates classes a week, or to run 5km, setting a goal will provide you with enough motivation to help you achieve it.

Enlist a friend to train with you.
When you work out with a friend you are more likely to show up. If you are a competitive type, you are also less likely to miss a session for fear of letting your friend get ahead.

Work out first thing in the morning.
Whilst the cold and darkness of winter makes it far less appealing to jump out of bed, you can overcome this by just doing it no time for procrastination.
As soon as your alarm goes off get up, otherwise it is easy enough to think of reasons why you should stay in bed.

Get your metabolism firing.
Remember that exercising first thing in the morning sets you up for the day, and helps kick start your metabolism.

Summer bikini bodies are made in winter.
Being diligent about maintaining your exercise regime, and watching what you eat over winter, means you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work sooner, and have the confidence to jump straight out onto the beach with banging new body come summertime.

If all that still isn’t enough motivation remember that your dreams are your future but determination makes it happen.