2015 – The year for fitness goals, not resolutions.

Why you should set fitness goals instead of fitness resolutions?

Because fitness resolutions set you up to fail. How many times have you said I want to get fitter as a New Years resolution? Only to find that it just didn’t happen.

Why because you probably didn’t consider the following points, lucky we are here to help you.

Be Action Orientated

When we say things like I want to be fit or skinnier or I want to be more active they are quite ambiguous and difficult to define. However, if you set clear action-orientated goals then you are able to track your progress and work on improving that from week to week.

Be Realistic

If you set realistic goals like I will workout three times a week, then you can schedule which days you are going to do this and make it a non-negotiable activity. If you say that you want to work out 7 times a week but you know that you just don’t have the time you set yourself up to fail.

Invest in your goals

It is also important to invest in your goals. You need to spend some time in terms of planning, doing and evaluating to ensure that you are staying on track with them. Set some time aside once a fortnight to review your goals and re-evaluate your progress what is working. What you may need to do differently.

If your goal is that you want to eat healthier then make sure that you set aside a day that enables you to plan for the week as to what you will eat.

Understand your motives

You need to understand why it is that you want to achieve the goal you have created? As this will serve as a motivator, if there is no motivation then it will make it difficult to succeed. If your goal is exercise related, it could be as simple as saying I want to improve my mood therefore waling three times a week will support me with this.

Try the 10-minute rule

Lacking the motivation to get started apply the 10-minute rule. If you are not feeling motivated to continue after 10 minutes you can stop, chances are you will be motivated to continue, though.

Set the right goals for you.

There is no point setting a goal of running a marathon if you hate running, it’s just not likely to work. You need to think of goals that don’t seem like punishment otherwise you will end up dreading it and that is no way to form a habit.

So let’s get planning to make 2015 a year of abundant happiness and prosperity.

Wishing you a wonderful 2015 Xx

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